Scooby-Doo Meets Jason Voorhees!


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Scooby and the gang decide to go camping on Halloween to get away from all the ghouls, specters and creeps. I guess that means hockey mask wearing murderers are fair game. If you don’t want your image of Mystery Inc. tarnished, then listen to Scooby-Doo and  “Scooby-Don’t” watch!

Starring Funko Pop! vinyl figures as Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy, Scooby and Jason Voorhees!


A Stranger’s Thing – (Parody of Stranger Things) – episodes 1 thru 8


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It takes less than ten minutes to watch the first 8 episodes of A Stranger’s Thing on!

Synopsis: A Stranger’s Thing is an animated parody of the Netflix series Stranger Things and stars Funko Pop! vinyl figures. Joyce is a single mother who has discovered that her young son Will is missing. Around the same time, a strange thing begins lurking around her home and in the town she dwells. Joyce spends more time trying to get to know the strange thing than she does searching for her own son. Winona Ryder, who plays Joyce in the Netflix series, is the prime focus of this parody – mingling with characters from past films in which she has starred. Soon, a growing number of leading males are after Joyce’s heart, but she has fallen for just one – the strange thing.

Alice’s Grave Misadventures – Free Kindle Books!


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Sunday, July 2nd – all three parts to “Off With Their Heads!” Alice’s Grave Misadventures will be FREE for kindle!

Click HERE to view them on!

Watch the book trailer here…

A Stranger’s Thing – Episode 5: Corn Nuts There are three things missing from this episode of A Stranger’s Thing – and they are all named Heather.


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Joyce’s reality continues to be changed by the fictional lives of characters played by a certain Hollywood actress.

A Stranger’s Thing – Episode 4: “Who’s Johnny?”


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Reality and fiction are spilling over onto each other and creating a strange time for Joyce who doesn’t seem to notice a thing.

Fans of Stranger Things and the Alien movies may enjoy A Stranger’s Thing – Episode 3: Facehugger.


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Joyce’s reality begins to intertwine with the fictional characters played by a certain actress.

“Tongue Flakes” – An excerpt from Poetry for Zombies 2: The Dead Shall Write Again


A girl was catching snow flakes – which were really flakes of skin.

The local crematorium (from her) was just upwind.

The oddness of the flavor then dispersed throughout her veins.

From her mouth, it took her words – except just one… “Brains!”


Buy it HERE!


Oh, Alice!


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Alice loved rabbits.

She fell for the bait –

but it wouldn’t take long

’til all bunnies she’d hate.


I am very excited to announce the release of  –

“Off With Their Heads!” Alice’s Grave Misadventures

2015 marked the 150 year anniversary of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. So, in 2014 I began my homage by spreading a zombie virus amongst these undying characters to literally turn them into the undead. It’s a rhythmical journey that falls up, not down. Cats don’t just disappear unless they decompose. Is it a talking rabbit or just a disturbed man in a bunny costume trying to please the one he loves? And what exactly does a caterkiller become once metamorphosis is complete? A butterdie, of course! Even One Dumb who shares the same brain with One Smart would know that!

Published by Red Dashboard, this horrific fairytale can be found HERE.

And you can read an excerpt OVER HERE.